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Shiva food packaging Restaurant products never come up short on sacks or to-go boxes again – Capital Coffee keeps your café loaded with top notch paper items and different supplies to stay aware of the pace of your business.

We convey an immense determination of café supplies to fill your each need. Legislative hall Coffee is glad to suit custom requests and forte supply demands. With our attendant style stock administration, you can concentrate on your work knowing your paper items and to-go supplies are completely loaded.

Restaurant products: best online suppler,wholesaler in India

  1. 3CP & 4CP Biodegradable Plates
    Air Tight Rectangle Tray
    Aluminium Foil Container
    Aluminum Foil
    Biodegradable Plates
    Biodegradable Straws
    Biodegradable Wooden Spoons
    Black Plastic Cutlery
    Butter Paper Pouch
    Butter Paper ROLL
    Butter Paper Sheets
    Carry Bags – Paper/Non-Woven
    Colored Plastic Forks
    Disposable Wooden Spoons – Square cut
    Flexible Plastic Straw
    Fancy Cake Boxes
    Food Containers Rectangle Box
    Milky Container
    Meal Tray With Lids
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